Department of Mathematics and MMT

Department of Mathematics and MMT

The Department of Mathematics and Methods of Mathematics Training provides the teaching of fundamental mathematical and methodological disciplines, conducting practical classes for the specialties of the Educational-Scientific Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Information Systems (Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, and Acredit), as well as for other specialties of our the university. Since 2005, the department is headed by the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Tarasenkova N.A.

The scientific work of the staff of the Department of Mathematics and Methods of teaching mathematics is carried out within the framework of the cathedral theme "Problems of Mathematical Preparation of Students' Youth in General and Higher Educational Institutions" (the number of state registration 0113U001691, head of the topic - doctor of pedagogical sciences, prof. Tarasenkova N. А.) and an individual theme "Conditions of durability and instability of mechanical systems" (executor - Associate Professor Lila D.M.). The component of the cathedral theme is the project «Theoretical and methodological provision of high-quality mathematical education of general and higher educational establishments in the conditions of European integration», financed from the state budget of Ukraine (the number of state registration   0115U000639, the head of the subject is Associate Professor Serdiuk Z.O.). The results of scientific research are constantly published in the form of articles, abstracts and materials of reports, textbooks, teaching aids.

The Department of Mathematics and Methods of Mathematics Training regularly holds an international scientific and methodological conference "Problems of Mathematical Education".

At the Department of Mathematics and MNM there is a postgraduate and doctoral program in the theory and methodology of teaching mathematics (supervisors: Professor Tarasenkova N. А., Assoc. Prof. Bogatyreva I. M., Assoc. Prof. Bosovsky M. V., Assoc. Prof. Kolomiets O. M., Assoc. Prof. Serdiuk Z. О.).

From 2005 on the initiative and under the guidance of prof. Tarasenkova NA, Department of Mathematics and MNM, the work of correspondence mathematical studies "I and my mathematics" for pupils of 7-11 forms of schools of Cherkasy region was started.