International applicants

113 Applied Mathematics

1000 7503We offer the degree programme leading to the Bachelor of Engineering in Applied Mathematics.

Official duration of programme is 4 years, full-time form of studies (240 credits ECTS).

The programme requirements in the Programme Specification includes:

- theoretical cycle (231 ECTS credits) of disciplines in the form of classroom training (lectures, seminars, and practical classes) and independent work;

- professional practice at enterprises and institutions (9 ECTS credits);

- higher education applicants certification in the form of comprehensive state examination on the cycle of professional and practical training and the defence of qualification paper.

Credits are assigned to the student when he/she successfully passes written (or oral) tests and examinations in subjects, defends course papers, reports results of his/her practical training, passes final examinations.

Acquired competences:

Knowledge and understanding:

- Knowledge and understanding of the apparatus of mathematical analysis, linear algebra, geometry, discrete mathematics, probability theory, functional analysis;

- knowledge of efficient algorithms for solving complex problems in experimental and theoretical studies with the help of computer software and hardware and the use of the procedure of analysis of stability, accuracy, speed, etc.;

- the knowledge necessary to ensure data protection in networks under unauthorized access by means of special software and hardware, and restore the computer network in emergency situations, the knowledge that will ensure the smooth operation of the local network in a multilevel structure.

Application of knowledge and understanding (Applying knowledge and understanding):

- Knowledge of the numerical methods of mathematics, mathematical physics and mathematical methods of optimization;

- ability to determine the effectiveness of the programs for solving complex problems in experimental and theoretical research using hardware and computer software;

- ability to use modern means of graphical modelling and design in designing WEB-pages and WEB-applications via scripting languages, using the technology of distributed applications for the interaction of the user with WEB-pages;

- ability to ensure the reliable operation of system and application software using modern diagnostic tools.

Making judgments:

- The ability to use methods of identification, classification and filing the information when researching new subject areas and computer information technology through software and hardware, local and wide area networks using a computerized system for processing and retrieval of information in local and global networks, including Internet;

- the ability to determine the optimal variant of the concept of computerized systems in the process of the system analysis of the object and developing the concept of its automation using the method of choice, employing the techniques of information and cost analysis, target analysis, situational analysis, object-oriented analysis and design;

- using lexical and grammatical minimum and professionally-oriented foreign sources with the help of appropriate methods to conduct the analysis of foreign sources with the aim of obtaining the information needed to solve certain problems of vocational and industrial activity.

Academic rights: Access to further study for the academic level of Master’s Degree.

Professional rights: Employment that corresponds to the specialty of Bachelor of Engineering in Applied Mathematics.